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Kinetico Water Systems

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an Authorized, Independent Kinetico Dealer Serving Dayton, Troy, Springfield, Springboro, Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and surrounding areas


Thank you Doug, Jeff, Cheryl, & Paul and all employees…I Love My Water!!!!
Now for the B----- Saga:
I am married to Mr. Doubting Thomas Procrastinator (AKA Jeff) and my threats and tantrums about the water finally sunk in…I wanted good tasting, non-smelling water. Yes, I must admit we have had other water softener systems, reverse osmosis and an iron filter, which weren’t anything. Our water smelled like sulfur, there were iron stains in the toilet bowl, orange shower curtain hems, and white clothes that were gray. Nothing ever felt or looked clean. The B-----  house had been in a terrible state of affair.
I replaced the shower curtain liner shortly after our new water system was connected and the hem line still looks new, no orange film. No more rings around the toilet bowl and cleaning every two days. Doing laundry even makes me feel good…seeing the white clothes shine always makes me grin. Our house doesn’t reek of rotten eggs when turning on the water faucets. I would never have believed a water softener system would make such a difference, I am a believer.
We’ve had the pleasure of enjoying our new water system for a little over a month, and love every drop of water. Since our Integrity water system was connected, I offer water instead of the usual soft drink, tea or coffee. I brag about my drinking water…”better than Aquafina, DeJaBlue or Fiji and costs a lot less.” Our ice cubes are so clear: looks like we bought a bag of Crystal Ice from the corner Carry-Out.
So, allow me to thank you for advertising in the long lost “yellow Pages.” If not for your ad, I would still be living with disgusting water. Thank you for such great “Customer Service” and “Professionalism.” But, most of all I must thank you for the lasting impression that the “Kinetico” team made on my husband.
From one very, very…satisfied customer.
Jeff and Debbie B-----